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In the cities of Miami, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Ottawa and Montreal, groups of protesters on Sunday spoke out against Washington’s policies affecting residents of the largest Antilles.

Uri Pedraza, the head of the Cuban community in Canada, when he expressed his opposition to the policy of the United States, declared that the blockade is the most genocidal way to attack people, the most hypocritical way to try to overthrow a regime and the most cowardly way to try to get someone to change their way of being.

While in the United States, the eighth edition of the “Puentes de Amor” convoys is being held this Sunday, in favor of abolishing the economic sanctions imposed on Cuba and Cuban families, which began on July 26, from the advocacy in social networks. From Proteston Cubano, Cuban YouTube.

Demonstrators in the cities of both countries are calling for “building bridges of love between the people of Cuba and the United States,” in continuation of the convoys organized and implemented by the Allianza Martiana alliance in Miami several years ago.

I demand the United States government to stop the criminal blockade against my people, which constitutes genocide for more than 60 years, and does not allow my Cuban brothers to develop in peace and tranquility, as announced by Alina Velasquez, a member of the Jose Marti Cultural Association. .

On January 31, hundreds of Cubans residing in the United States and friends of Cuba traveled the streets on bicycles and cars in Miami, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles, to oppose the blockade and also in honor of Jose Marty, the 168th anniversary of his birth.

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In addition to demanding an end to Washington’s extraterritorial policy that affected the island, its economy and its people for more than 60 years, caravans supported the work of Cuban doctors and supported international applications by nominating them for the Nobel Prize for the Nobel Prize. Paz is a member of the Cuban Medical Corps ‘Henry Reeve’.

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