Medical students marched to demand that internships be enabled

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They concentrated in front of the United Nations Police University administration and mobilized to the medical school.

Students of various professions at La Plata National University held a massive protest at the gates of the building where the head of the House of Studies, on Avenida 7, works between 47 and 48. They demanded permission for pre-professional practices.

In dialogue with Editor PlatenseStudent Center President Martina Novoa explained that these practices “It is necessary so that students can finish their studies and be able to be in the service of the health system and the fact that it is not implemented does not allow them to progress.”.

Novoa said that the aim of the mobilization is “for the authorities to listen to us and give us a meeting to be able to draw up a common protocol.”

According to an article published by FaHCE, professional practices are “important for training and work that illustrate the typical business logic of the world of academic training and professional work. They constitute invaluable educational opportunities in professional training for future graduates, opening new paths in the curriculum development plan”.

What do you think of the note?

I love that!



It makes me angry

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