The Genshin Impact video game will give condoms a prize

Genshin Impact video game saves quarantine in 2020. The gacha title developed by miHoYo studio is a free-to-play Chinese game (This is free to download), very popular. And like all pop culture hits, it has a business.

It is not about tangible items that can be touched and used. Because the game franchise can be exploited to create all kinds of products with the title image, after making some policy tweaks now, according to the video game studio behind the success, very soon. Condoms depicting male characters will go on sale in Zhongli and Tartaglia.

Behind the initiative is artist (and video game fanatic) Gigi, who works with a circular design, roughly the size of a condom. The package will have a hologram cover. Condoms are chemical-free, non-spermicide-free, and fragrance-free.

It contains a guide on how to use it. The package also contains a legend asking to check the expiration date and stating that it should not be opened with scissors or teeth. Of course, Genshin Impact condoms are not yet sold. But, without a doubt, miHoYo is open to projects that allow the unofficial marketing of products but endorse their great success.

Genshin Impact was named Best Mobile Game at the recent Game Awards. The title was also nominated for “Best Continuity Game”. Finally, the award went to Final Fantasy XIV Online. It also ranks sixth in the “Video Games” category in the ranking of the most popular searches for 2021 according to Google Trends.

Among the most interesting aspects of the game is a Test Server (PTR) that allows some players to test the content before it is released in the update. However, people who are part of this program are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement so you don’t end up with leaks.

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Genshin Impact is available free of charge for free Playstation 4 and 5, computers and smartphones.

MiHoYo gave the necessary permission for fiction writers to create their own stories with the characters or the world of the video game. The company has set clear rules on how fans can sell it.

In an update to the rules for fan-made franchise products, which were uploaded to the MiHoYo community site, the company said that “novels or stories written by fans” do not need to be officially announced, “whether for profit purposes or not.”

However, a form must be completed to inform the company that it intends to benefit from stories written about Genshin Impact. However, there are limitations to what can be done with title characters. For example, MiHoYo states that items with actual in-game screenshots cannot be sold. “You can’t act as if the items you sell have an official license and you can’t do anything to damage the company’s reputation,” they say.

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