Super Smash Bros. fans. Ultimate are confident that Doomguy will be the last character to reach the game

The addition of Bethesda IPs to Smash, in the form of clothing for Mii Fighters, has raised expectations about Doomguy’s possible arrival.

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The last part from Super Smash Bros. Game UltimateShow more of his next fighter, KazuyaPlus more content on the way with the next game update. This includes new clothes from Mi fightersAnd society reacted, because according to them, domji is the character most likely to fill the remaining space of pass fighters 2.

There is only one character who will come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.According to the Smash community, Mii Fighters costumes inspired by characters from other epics can provide clues about which fighters will come, as well as those who aren’t. Two of these outfits from the company Bethesda, one of Drops, the other comes directly from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Because of these ads, the community has been heard on social networks, doubt Doomguy arrives as a playable character.

Why did they come to this conclusion? Instead of looking for confirmation evidence, people started looking for the other side of the coin, the characters that Not refuted. The most recent example was with Master Chief from the Halo . saga, who is not in negotiations to appear on Smash. Others like Dante from Devil May Cry, s Lloyd de Thales from SymphonyThey are being phased out to appear as Mii Fighters costumes, at least in the minds of society.

Doomguy, for his part, did not give No signal Life in the game Masahiro Sakurai. This indirectly caused the feelings to many people. Social media broke out with Comments Similar to what you can see above, Bethesda’s latest crossover caused Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, albeit in the form of suits for Mii Fighters, is in a barrage of doubt.

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just this Fans thinkWell, neither Bethesda nor Nintendo has said or done anything to confirm Doomguy’s arrival at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The truth is that the fighter who will close the Fighters Corridor 2 will be him last character to access the game.

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