The game that inspired Celeste is getting a sequel, it’s free, and you can play it from any browser

Free game made in PICO-8, to celebrate the third anniversary of Adventure 2018.

Celeste The sequel, but we’re not talking about an indie game Who Was A Candidate For GOTY 2018But it is the previous one. For those who did not know, Celeste was born from a small platform built into the PICO-8 virtual machine Written by Maddy Thorson and Noelle Berry in 2015. A project that later turned into the bigger commercial game we all know today. And now these creators They go back to their origins By a project they baptized Celeste Classic 2.

Because that’s all there is to it, Sequel to The Origin of Celeste, Was also created in PICO-8 and in this retro look they like so much, to celebrate their third anniversary of their commercial game. It’s as fun as Celeste Tough like CelesteMost importantly, it is completely free. In fact, Celeste Classic 2 Available in Itch.IO page in your studio, and You can play it for free From your browser. If you dare to climb the mountain of course.

Good way to Remember your hardships on the platforms While you were climbing the mountain in the 2018 game created Compiled into a video documentary. Not in vain, Celeste is one of the titles we mention throughout this article about 10 Hell Difficult Games Without being in the style of Dark Souls. Of course, if what you’re looking for is a new adventure to enjoy over the next few months, we review this other report The 23 most anticipated matches in the first half of 2021.

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