The football player who arrived before Real Madrid is present and has now disappeared

English striker Chioma Obugago removed from Real Madrid Because of indiscipline, therefore, as explained by the AS newspaper in a website report Mika JimenezHe played two matches without being called up and will not wear the white team shirt, because on the 30th of this month the contract expires. Although he had no feeling with his coach, David Aznar, who in the party Queen Cup against him Vallecano Ray He didn’t even hesitate to replace her in the 88th minute after being let in in the 69th, didn’t meet deadlines during the span of free days in which he traveled home, cost him a severe punishment and even disappeared from a website. Something that doesn’t seem to affect Ubogagu much, because on the same day the punishment was reported, he can be seen in a photo of his partner. Sophia Jacobson wait a little bit Instagram Walking in a boat from Madrid retirement park With two other companions.

The former Atleti player who now scores goals with Real Madrid… in the offices

Cake Marine

Chioma, a Londoner by birth and of Nigerian descent, started playing football United StateWhere he went to live when he was three years old. After being part of his institute team, he Cowboy Kobelsigned byة D’FeetersHe won the Texas State Cup twice. In 2011 he entered Stanford University as number one from Football top stair, which is the college football player selection system, until he receives a call from his dream team, Arsenal Women’s Football Club. After returning to the United States to play first in Houston Dash then in Orlando PrideIt synced with global players like Alex Morgan s Marta Vieira, a brief step through Australia, in the summer of 2019 Spain to play in CD stubShe was the team’s top scorer with the Swedish Jacobson.

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The fact is that the English footballer’s career in First Iberdrola It didn’t start well and ended worse. For now, for this, but who knows if it also happened to Real Madrid if Ubogagu would denounce the offense committed, intentionally or unconsciously, in his signing with CD Tacón for the 2019-20 season and at the same time by Real Madrid For the year 2020-2021, before business meeting The club headed by Florentino Perez would have agreed to the merger by absorbing the former. Administrator, Ana Rossel, then president of CD Tacón and current director of football at Real Madrid Women’s Club.

As mentioned David Minayo In Marca newspaper, in the document signed by Obujago, the logo of the white team can be clearly seen, as well as the name of Real Madrid Femenino as the destination club. The English footballer herself reported signing her Twitter message, which ended with “Hala Madrid!” This was also done via other signings with Tacon, a club that obviously could not have faced them financially if he had not been behind Real Madrid, although the support of the club’s management was one thing that he would have fully accommodated. Another to act as if it had already been absorbed.

Chioma Ubogagu, time to sign… with Real Madrid

Supervised shareholder meeting

However, this is something Anna Russell She must have been very clear about what would happen, because only in this way is it understood that she as club president has authorized Chioma to sign for another team before January 1, 2020, as required by FIFA regulations. In fact, she and her brother Jaime, elected delegates to the club headed by Florentino Perez, specifically in 37,000. At least in the case of the first, but especially the second, It won’t hurt to check which of the three partners have approved them so they can submit their candidacy. The names are known, two of them have a famous surname from Spanish politics, although the question is whether they were really the ones who signed the endorsement.

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known is, Because that’s how we report in El Confidencial, that in this election to form Real Madrid Members Association Other workers or club directors and their families were elected as delegates. Starting with the three sons of the president, the chief of security and his son, the entire circle of the Ansar Club, and the politician Manuel Cobo, who was director of football at CD Tacón and now the main football team of Real Madrid, Manuel Merineiro, manager like Jeronimo Vari…. This means that Florentino Pérez once again took control of the Assembly, and as it happened, agreeing to the merger by absorbing CD Tacón was a military rally for him. Of the 894 votes cast, 810 were in favour, 44 were against, and 40 abstained..

Photo: Florentino Perez, acclaimed during the General Assembly of Real Madrid.  (EFE) Opinion

Of course this happened in September 2019, After Chioma Ubogagu signed his contract with Real Madrid, although the first season was played on CD Tacón. It seems clear that the violation may Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is overlooked or perhaps not, because it is known, at least in Las Rozas Football City, the close relationship that Anna Russell has with the Integrity Department, which she can always turn to in case the English striker takes revenge on the club from which she broke up, and, according to her environment, has not always been handled well. Although the player would be logically responsible, because she was the one who signed CD Tacón and Real Madrid at the same time. You know, “Hala Madrid!” …

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