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In these unfortunate times of the ongoing pandemic, an enormous amount of opinions arose, of bad humanity, that reduce or refute in their columns and statements to the press, investigations, tests and conclusions of scientists, trying to overlap the decisions and recommendations of those, such as medical specialists, virologists and epidemiologists.

The aforementioned professionals who give their lives for the sake of science, showing a pillar of solemnity and, to make any conclusion, have overcome the steep path of verification, not one but countless.

These caring opinions in themselves presuppose disrespect and inappropriately demeaning language. Science is undoubtedly the human activity par excellence that translates towards the systematic formulation of the possibilities of replication, real or hypothetical, of certain phenomena, for intended purposes, such as the development of a vaccine, are considered identical.

In addition, scientists rely on causation as a prior and subsequent relationship to phenomena that by their nature allow it to be formulated as a scientific law. Scientists therefore list the factors that, in a given association, a particular phenomenon would be expected to follow.

Those who deny and even mock the hierarchy of science will be left in a labyrinth of general cognitive non-representation of things or a particular purpose (I used a euphemism to avoid applying a more precise and serious meaning, because they all deserve respect).

Science corresponds to providing an ordered series based on the relative complexity of the data and methodological rigor, or only the latter.

In the light of this cruel epidemic and its unexpected and deadly variants, opinions that are not based on scientific basis have caused the current social imbalance and polarization, in addition to the apparent lack of solidarity, as they confuse the population so as not to designate a spread for their lives. This preventive vaccine is nonsense. I express this last opinion only in terms of logic.

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