The first video of puzzles that a Malian woman has given birth to: five girls and four boys

This Thursday prof A video showing the nine childrenAnd five girls and four boys A woman from Mali gave birth in Morocco on Tuesday.

Halima CisseShe is 25 years old and was born in Timbuktu (North). She was transferred on March 30th from Bamako, where she was being treated, to Morocco, to Better monitoring of this unusual pregnancy.

The birth was by Caesarean section and her children They weighed between 500 grams and one kilogramThey were fine, according to the doctors. In the video, the nipples are shown in incubators under the care of nurses.

A nurse near an incubator that has one of the incubators (AFP)

Specialists have been concerned with maternal health and fetal survival. The young woman was hospitalized with 25 weeks of pregnancy But the intervention of the medical staff is permitted Prolong pregnancy up to week 30.

A member of the medical team in the room where the children are being looked after (AFP)
A member of the medical team in the room where the children are being looked after (AFP)

Aries initially refers to the seventiesBut the woman eventually gave birth to nine children, that is, two more children than was discovered in an ultrasound performed in Mali and Morocco.

“So far, the mother and her children are fine.” Health Minister Fanta Sibi said, noting that she was informed by the financial doctor who accompanied the mother to Morocco.

In any case, Stay in hospital for another two to three monthsUntil they reach a healthy weight so that they can go home.

at the moment It is not clear if your pregnancy was due to IVF treatmentIt is one of the most common causes of multiple births. It is also not known how much the babies have weighed or how long you have been in your pregnancy.

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The first recorded birth to a non-twin birth was in Sydney in 1971. Two babies were born dead, neither of whom survived more than a week.

In another case in Malaysia, in 1999, all nine babies died shortly after birth.

The Guinness Book of Records lists how The largest of the multiple births in which children survive is the case of American Nadia Suleiman, Who gave birth in January 2009 octillizos.

News of Nonoplate from Mali became known after a few days A woman who does not know she is pregnant has given birth on a flight to Hawaii, In an episode that went viral on social media.

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