The final trailer for Talk to Me, the movie that wants to terrify you this summer with its necromancy

Not only has Blumhouse earned a well-deserved reputation among horror movie fans in recent years, Also the prestigious A24And also sweeps the Oscars with brilliance Everything once everywhereAnd used for distribution also Illuminating high quality products In terms of stories to make our hair stand on end, for example, taking care of a business Ari Aster also t west. It will be the last cry of the genre Tell me of the brothers Danny And Michael Filippo.

An Australian production in which the Filippo twins appear for the first time in their feature film, after they succeeded in showing horror and comedy videos on the YouTube channel rakarakawhich A24 has put its faith in to appear in the cinema Obtaining the rights to distribute it in American theaters.

A priori, the argument is not exactly the most original. A group of friends get together for some spirituality sessions that will take them very far. But, instead of a Ouija board, it will be his means of communication with the afterlife The mummified hand that belonged to a slave of Satan.


Mr. Dr

The official summary also tells us that when they take their experience beyond what is desirable, they open the door to the spirit world, They will be forced to choose who to trust, the living or the dead. And seeing the latest trailer, and in a Spanish dubbed version, it’s clear that it will give us more than one cold.

championship Sophie Wilde (From the BBC mini-series Tom Jones), Joe Bird, Otis Dungey, Alexandra Jensen also Miranda OttoAnd Tell me (Talk to me In the original title) received good reviews at the Sundance and South by Southwest festivals and opens July 28 in the United States.

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In Spain It Won’t Take Long To Arrive, Distributor Here, Diamond Films, He set it for August 11th. The date we can check, by referring to one of the phrases included in the trailer’s promotion, if “Hand in hand lead us straight to hell.”

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