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STOCKTON, Calif. – The story of the son of a California farmworker who went into space will soon be brought to the big screen. But this Tuesday, Jose Hernandez, who inspired the film, joined the Stockton community in a preview of “A Million Miles Away.”

The official premiere of “A Million Miles” is scheduled to be shown on September 8 in some theaters in the United States, but on the fifteenth of this month, Amazon Prime will release it on its platform.

Born in Stockton, California, Jose Hernandez is the son of farm workers who fulfilled his dream of traveling to space 14 years ago.

He says that he was rejected by NASA 11 times, but his perseverance and effort led him to discover the stars, and thus he became the first astronaut of Mexican origin to be within the federal agency and participate in several space missions.

The film had a private screening at the Regal Stockton Town Center in Stockton, where friends and acquaintances were able to watch the feature film, starring actor Michael Peña.

Hernandez, who helped his parents during his teens, always remembers his father encouraging him to dream big and “never give up.”

The former astronaut commented that the film inspired by his life story hopes to motivate children and young people, especially those who grow up in immigrant families, to believe in themselves.

The film will be released on Amazon Prime on September 15, but before that, a screening of “A Million Miles Away” is scheduled on some UCLA campuses.

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The engineer born in the fields of California comments on his expectations for the Artemis mission that represents the return of humans to the moon.

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