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The failure he still had was Yaman, the protagonist of Sonar Contigo

Saturday 16 July 2022

12 o’clock

Every afternoon, the channel “de las pelotas” bets on one of the Turkish productions that has received the highest rating in recent months, Soñar Contigo, Erkenci Kus, Pájaro Soñador or Early Bird as it is known in the various exported countries.

Fantasy stars Kane Yaman, a 32-year-old Turkish actor, model, athlete and lawyer, who, thanks to his talent and why not, and his imposing physique, has captured fans all over the world thanks to the explosion of this novel. In fact, he is currently working on Italian productions.

But not everything was easy for him. After wearing Can Divit shoes, the following year, in 2020, Ozgur Atasoy became star in “Bay Yanlis”, also known as “The Wrong Man”.

It was a new romantic comedy produced by Gold Film to be broadcast on the Turkish version of Fox. It tells the story of a wealthy young man (Kan), a restaurateur who does not believe in love, meets a romantic girl (Ozge Joel), who asks him to teach her how to conquer a man.

In total, only 14 episodes of 130 minutes each were recorded and broadcast, although in our country they are not uncommon, they are in Turkey: when fiction does not have the expected rating numbers, it is canceled. What is remarkable is that they do not even attempt to record a final episode that concludes the story, but rather leave viewers in the dark, with all the plots unlocked.

Although in June 2020, it earned good returns when it debuted and international markets bought the rights to the show, as the seasons passed, everything changed. Major critics pointed out that the series was riddled with clichés and that the plot was so predictable that Fox did not hesitate to raise it.

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