New WhatsApp Status Function: Unexpected Change

The messaging app keeps making changes and this time decided to add an option for states.

The WhatsApp It continues to make new tweaks to its application in order to improve the user experience, and in recent days the company has decided to apply the changes to states, something it has recently implemented. I know what it is.

New WhatsApp Status Function: Unexpected Change

After the app recently announced that it will Edits in stickers and the Report modenow it is also known that The upcoming beta update for Android will add the option to include a voice note as a status update in WhatsApp.

It should be noted that At the moment, it is not known exactly when it will be launched, but work is already underway to implement it as soon as possible.. In turn, it was announced that it would bear the name “Sound Status”.

The WhatsApp

How will voice memo work in WhatsApp statuses

This new implementation Through a new symbol represented by a microphone. Like a voice note, it will be a recorded message, but it will be recorded in WhatsApp statuses.

Once you add this code You’ll find it at the bottom next to Camera and Editing Status. After you register and publish it, it will be available to all your contacts, although if you regret it, you can always delete it.

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