They found fragments of a rare meteorite in their garden

Almost 300 grams of meteor fragments that lit up the UK sky February 28 Been recovered In the west of England, the British Museum of Natural History reported in a statement.

It is the first meteorite to fall in the United Kingdom in the past 30 yearsIt is made from a very rare substance called carbon chondrite, Professor Sarah Russell says.

“This is really exciting. There are about 65,000 known meteorites worldwide, Of which only 51 carbon chondrites were seen flaking, like this one. It’s almost surprising, because we’re working on space missions back to a sample of the asteroid Hayabusa2 and OSIRIS-REx, and these materials look exactly like the material they collect, “says Russell.

The meteorite provides a glimpse into the early stages of the Solar System’s evolution. Carbon chondrite is thought to have formed from the cloud of dust and ice that surrounded the sun when the star was young. “ Meteors like this are remnants of the early Solar System, which means they can tell us what planets are. We think these types of meteorites can bring water to Earth, Supplying the planet with its oceans, “the researcher notes.

Debris fell into the driveway of Winchcombe’s home, In the west of England. Already the next day the tenants saw them, who immediately collected them and contacted the scientists.

“For someone who doesn’t really know what it is, The one who found it did a great job collecting it. I picked up most of them pretty quickly on a Monday morning, probably less than 12 hours after the actual event. Then he continued to find chunks in his lawn for the next few days, ”Dr. Ashley King says.

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while, There may be more portions in the Winchcombe area. The museum asked as it published, “If you are from the area and find a lot of black dust and a lot of small rocks or black stones, photograph them and note their location.” RT.

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