The Crown 5: These are the sites where Netflix productions can’t be recorded

“the crown” It is one of the few series that has managed to enter the privacy of the British royal family, a case that has revealed a great deal of secrecy in the lives of the members and the way of life of the Queen and heirs to the crown of the United Kingdom. . Now, he’s getting closer and closer to introducing the fifth season, where They had quite a few complications, because they could not go to some places.

On this occasion we will reveal these two iconic buildings that were not allowed access to the broadcast giant’s series productions. This must be remembered for this fifth season The issue of Prince Charles’ separation from Lady Di will be discussed, so it is said that it may be the reason behind the high demands.

Throughout the previous seasons production I had to represent Buckingham Palace Residences, Windsor, Balmoral, and Sandiragham After refusing to sign in those places. Now, for the season, two more buildings to which no entry is allowed have been added.


As in the first four seasons, the Netflix team had to represent rooms and buildings to be able to include them in the series, due to the creation of glasses that are as similar as possible.

the first was Althorpe House, the home of Mrs. Dee when she was young and the place where they decided to bury her. The reason why he is not allowed access to this site is due to the fact that the building keeps the secrets and memories of Diana’s life. The place has been in the Spencer family for five centuries.

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The other building that was blocked was Eton College, one of the most famous institutes in the country, Same thing that has been featuring great UK personalities like Boris Johnson, Tom Hiddleston and Prince William himself throughout their years of separation. The officials of this institution denied the possibility of registering inside the facilities.

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