They offer a comprehensive health and well-being plan for security personnel

security minister, Eugenio Aguero GamboaHe met today, Thursday, with the President of the College of Psychologists, Roberto Gonzalez Marchetti, To coordinate future actions within the framework of the comprehensive plan for health and well-being, which is intended for all employees of that portfolio. The meeting was also attended by the Undersecretary for Monitoring and Administration. Cute Emilia.

“We were talking in light of the comprehensive health and welfare plan that we have started to implement for the staff of the Ministry of Security,” Aguero Gamboa said. In addition, he detailed It is a benefit aimed at improving the quality of life for all employees in various fields Such as: Ipla, Civil Defense, Minister of Transport and Road Safety, Police Personnel, etc.

For his part, Gonzalez Marchetti added: “It was a very fruitful meeting, we agreed on a vision for the future to be able to work and that the school can cooperate in a program that the Ministry is developing in all areas, not just in the police. We believe it Health must have an integrative, multidisciplinary perspective and more in these times of a pandemic“.

Following the dialogue, the Minister of Security confirmed that the comprehensive health and welfare plan is part of his administration’s projects. It is worth noting that this meeting is the second to be held in the Security Secretariat with bodies from the College of Psychologists.

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