The complex year for medical students at Siboliti

A stone in the shoe turns out to be social and preventive isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic at Siboliti Medical College. Ironically, A year in which healthcare professionals are most needed, many students have been affected by a lack of professional practice. The impact of a lack of places to develop learning mainly on advanced academics: It is from the fourth year onwards that the temporal burden in practices is fundamental.

Everyone agrees that there has been a great effort on the part of the authorities to resolve the situation And in fact, at the end of the year, the road was fairly smooth. But many students were affected by advancement in the curriculum.

The fifth year was the most difficult Because they were not able to go to the health centers, most of them in Neuquen, until December. However, students were able to finish the theoretical part through the hypothetical method The practices were suspended.

Only when it’s done will they be able to advance to the ends. In other words, it will weigh on them this year if the situation finally improves. It was different for students who took the first section of the race because they were able to complete the course normally.

Susanna Sanchez, Vice Dean of the School of Medicine, explained that the year was “very complicated” for the university environment and that the main obstacle was the lack of places for practice.

The college tried at all times to continue its activities. We had a problem with that The institutions did not allow entry to students due to security problems. It is understandable and this indicates that the college was not the one that could make decisions because we depended on the health system to receive students. He indicated that it costs a lot to solve it.

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Sanchez said they are starting to work on the agreements and Agreements with health institutions to implement practices: “We had one A very important response from Neuquén From there, we began to organize the distribution of students in primary care centers. ”Gradually Some spaces are starting to open in Rio Negro, especially in Rocca.

Over the ExpensesSanchez highlighted that Everything that was programmed was done. Currently there are around 35 students who speeded up the training process in December and can be admitted in May. Another litter will do so in June.

He added that by 2021, 65 students will begin the last year of the degree, Seventh. “We are not stopping generating an influx of graduates expected for 2020 despite all the difficulties, and a lot of that depends on the health system that trains our students.” The college has set up a simulation laboratory In order to advance the practices, this allowed for improved student access but many had to wait, this was the case in Year 5.

Despite the difficulties arising from rearranging the virtual classes, the Abandonment Of students Not much different In relation to previous years.

Some students dropped out, especially in the early years, but the number was not significant. Also, the rejection rate was lower than in previous years.

“We were in the same levels as in 2019. Our data indicates that we previously had a higher rate of rejection and Now there have been more absencesThe deputy dean said that this also happened because of the postponement of the exams.

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In the first year, we were only able to start exams from June.

For this year, the quantity and quality of professional practices is expected to be significantly higher than in 2020.

Fifth year students were most affected

At the end of October, in First visit to Cipolletti by the nation’s Minister of Health, Jenice Gonzalez Garcia, a group of students appeared at the Cultural Foundation To make The claim that took several months: empowering professional practices. On that occasion, they were attended by the Regional Minister of Health, Fabien Zughaib.

Only after the 2020 finale did training spaces begin to appear. However, the Fifth-year students were the hardest hit because those who finished the course – and still have – had priority.

Macarena Gallera, who will be in sixth grade this year and is a student counselor, gave some details of the complicated calendar they went through. He emphasized that the theoretical part could be concluded however The “bottleneck” practices were born.

Since the fourth year everything has been very messy, especially in the first semester. Many chairs took a long time to adjust. Fifth grade students -2020- Until today we have not been able to recover any practice whatsoever. We are the only group that has not yet set foot in the health system. “

The 23-year-old said the college’s prioritization behavior for years was “understandable,” but noted that The lack of spaces to work in the simulation laboratory The headquarters located on Roca Street: “I left much to be desired.” Because “we are still not able to progress in anything and the next academic year is coming, and we do not know how it will develop.”

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friends He added the lack of preparation of some teachers. He pointed out that the lack of practices limits their ability to take final exams because they must first adhere to the time load in the region. “This likely means a delay in the upcoming medical leaks,” he said.

All students were able to commit, by default, to theoretical lectures, but without organizing the materials. “This was one of the actions of this college, because others, like Cordoba, agreed to hold the finals on the condition that they regain the practical part” when the context permits. “

This delay explained Generates significant expenses for this year. There are between 80 and 100 students in this state.

He determined that in Cipolletti there was no same response as in Neuquén or Roca to receive students in health centers. I don’t know if due to the bureaucracy they weren’t empowered by the number of health centers we have here. We can attend, but we don’t have permission. “

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