Innovation and science processes benefit operations at GEYSEL Las Tunas

Las Tunas. – The innovation work that was carried out in Basic business unit (UEB) Giselle Las Tunas, from Generating sets and electrical services companyIt made it possible to keep its generating sets in operation, a response by its workers to the economic crisis and shortages of recent years.

This was recognized by Wilber Oliva Labrada, head of the technical group at UEB, which generates about 33 percent of the electricity this province demands, and which has continued to operate last year with high availability in 20 simultaneous diesel generators, of 16 of them in Las Tunas and two In the municipalities of Puerto Padre and Manate, respectively, they have a total capacity of 35.9 MWh.

The solutions provided by the youth group have contributed to ensuring that electricity generation in 2020 is guaranteed to meet peak demand without power cuts due to deficits, as has happened in other regions of Cuba; Because emergency generators will ensure the power supply to economic centers and major services in this province, such as hospitals.

In the European Energy Union, the application of science and technology is also a function of the efficient use of energy carriers, technological culture, protection of workers and the environment, with special attention given to the three Geysel power plants.

Regarding these last issues, specialist Dorca Martin Quinones explained that studies of all environmental variables to which workers are exposed are carried out annually, identified by means of maps, in each plant, where their occurrence was found. So that they use protections and avoid harm to their health.

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He added that micro pah petrol bacteria are also used in them, which degrades the hydrocarbon content that might spill somewhere. He said, “We have been applying this novelty for two years, and it has given us very satisfactory results.”

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