The choice was always there, but it wasn’t very clear

The need to stop along the way on our adventure has been one of the most controversial aspects of society.

elden ring is being a real phenomenon beyond gaming veterans Hidetaka Miyazaki And he does it with FromSoftware Games Records. But each new title by Miyazaki reopens some discussion: The importance of difficulty in your addressesthe necessity of preserving the creative vision of the author and in the case of Elden Ring, the need to pause.

There were many players who demanded a way to pause the game. The title, unlike other games, It doesn’t stop working when we’re on the list Review our stock, to become more vulnerable More than ever before the enemy attacks, as long as we don’t make sure to take cover Safe place To do this kind of work

From the team menu, accessing the Help and Explanation menu will pause the gameHowever, whether it’s because they’re calling us to eat or because we need to go to the bathroom, we’ve all found ourselves at some point when we’re forced to. stop the game. For all those occasions, Elden Ring hides a combination of Pause the game sure without being attacked by the enemy, although this may not be as obvious as in other games. It was user @IronPineapple_ who shared it on Twitter, able to verify its effectiveness from 3DJuegos.

To stop the game completely, finding ourselves at any stage of the adventure, we will have to open the menu and access a file equipmentJournalism help and select File Explanatory menu. When this help screen is open, The game will stop completelybeing the closest thing to a pause mode that you can access easily and without having to Install any mod. If you haven’t played FromSoftware’s latest adventure yet, remember you have it in 3DJuegos Our Final Analysis of the Elden Ring.

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