The Chief of Staff should have apologized for lying to Parliament

Chile’s Minister of the Interior and Prime Minister, Izechia Sechesis, is once again embroiled in a controversy on the other side of the mountain range.

He accused the previous government, on Wednesday, of concealing the fact that one of the 29 flights that were made with deported foreigners returned with all its passengers due to lack of coordination. but later He had to admit that the information was wrong I apologize.

“We determined that one of the planes from the expulsions made to Venezuela returned with the same people, and we had no idea (…) with all the passengers being expelled!” Parliament and the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Where are those who have a warrant for expulsion? It is very serious, for the same reason when we do the parcel, we must ensure that the same will not happen to us.

It was the Mediabanko news agency that released the excerpt from the intervention and uploaded it controversy.


Within a few hours, consult various sources before Clarionsuch as the Police Investigative (PDI) or former Director of Immigration at Michelle BacheletRodrigo Sandoval Doubt the probability of such an event occurring.

Indeed, according to the information provided, the expulsion protocol refers to prior coordination with the country of destination, whereby “the Chilean police must hand over those expelled to the authorities of the other country, as soon as the plane lands.”

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From the group of government officials in Sebastian Pinera, the former director of the immigration service, Alvaro Peloglio, noted that every flight with the expelled people requires coordination approval. Otherwise, they “would not get on the plane.”

Moreover, Minister Sechesis – ironically – delivered on the committee her “congratulations to the previous government for having had the ability to cover this with earth, because it is a very serious thing, with the amount of resources”.

Chile’s Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Ikea Seches, on March 15, during a visit to Araucanía, in the south of the country. Photo: EFE

This cover-up would have included the civil police as well as the judiciary, because for them to return to Chile, the original expulsion should have been annulled. Something highly unlikely in that country, where the Supreme Court prides itself on its independence from political power.

Already late in the morning and before wave of criticism And the inability to show a document certifying his assumption, Siches He came out to apologize on Twitter and noted that the information he provided was “incorrect”..

Another controversy

From the ruling party, the main responsibilities refer to its group of advisors. Siches surrounded herself with young officials who in the past accompanied her as a union leader for doctors.

The most important ones are Roberto Este, Jose Peralta, Matías Lepuy and Christian Amangual. None of them have any political experience. In the opinion of Socialist Senator José Miguel Insulza, “there were people here who mishandled the information. It is clear that there is someone who bears the responsibility for not doing the job.”

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The Siches entered the Palacio de La Moneda on Thursday to meet the President Gabriel BorekWho returned to the country on Wednesday only from his country country visit to Argentina.

Criticisms from enemies and allies

In just four weeks, the Secretary of State has led three controversies over which she has received criticism from the opposition, as well as from her coalition.

The first of these was his disappointing visit to the Mapuche community in Timochikwe, where he was shot received And couldn’t make the visit. On that occasion, she and her team were accused of “improvisation”.

He then starred in Borek’s government’s first international predicament. Siches began coining the term Wallmapu to refer to the area inhabited by the Mapuche. The area that, for this city, is also understandable Argentine territory. For the same reason, he was criticized for endorsing the desire for sovereignty over an Argentine territory.

Finally, the controversial statement about the deportees to Venezuela opened One side with the opposition, Defender of government administration Pinera.

This Thursday, at a press conference, Borek was asked to decide on his continuity and that evaluate your resignation, Because she “broke all trust and we can’t understand each other with her in Congress.”

Right-wing lawmakers added that they would use “all constitutional tools” at their disposal to address the situation if they did not get answers, without ruling out accountability.

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