Elon Musk already has a documentary on Netflix: ‘Back to Space’

After three failed attempts, Elon Musk I decided to try again. Part of SpaceX doubted whether the project would continue, to the point of thinking the next meeting would be said. The initial investment was drying up. Three missiles were in the dust. The fourth attempt, verified by the programmer and entrepreneur, succeeded. Decisive moment in the race back to spaceas the latest documentary film produced by Netflix.

The documentary explores various stages of this goal, from Elon Musk’s initial illusion, driven by those first men to reach the moon, who explored beyond tangible boundaries, to the tensions in the workgroup. When it comes to an investment of over $100 million, as shown in back to spaceit is conceivable that the pressure will not be lower.

Nor are the risks different: the goal was to get a crew back into space. Along the way, he broke the monopoly practiced by various countries, with United StateAnd the China And the Russia to the head. The millionaire delusion was more than a dream: it was about trying to contradict part of the logic of the system. After several years of testing, this quest stopped wanting to become a reality: a year ago, in 2021, they made it happen.

back to space
And the weight of Elon Musk in the story

Within minutes of starting, the feeling was that Elon Musk would be the main protagonist of the story. It appears here, there and on this side as well. Oddly enough, his voice in the space field has more weight than the voice of various specialists. Although this may be conflicting, it works in relation to the narration: it serves as a common thread and allows the viewer to understand the dimension of the target.

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The character is also skillfully drawn as someone with a curious sense of humor and a keen interest in transcending the limits of Earth. Elon Musk appears close, rather attentive to the team’s concerns and the findings of this research. As we have already seen in the media and social networks, these eloquent characteristics do not have much effect on them back to space; Even the uncomfortable moment to hold is unforgettable.

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