The call to do science in Cienfuegos

Maridi Fernández Rodríguez, the party’s first secretary in Cienfuegos, urged to “practice science”, in an exchange with 60 French Communist Party militants from the science sector, and a diverse group of young men from Minrix who are today training in the Central Committee.

The meeting generally assessed membership performance based on interest in the Union of Young Communists (UJC), number of increases, and follow-up on the issue regarding rising disruptions, in the same way that it was insisted on ideological political work from cores in each grassroots committee.

Yarina de la Caridad Soto Herrera, Citma’s provincial delegate, emphasized that the said enterprise system provides important responses to the development of the territory. “Currently, we are very committed to the management of the Consensia government, and we stand out in the links with universities, with the priority program for food sovereignty and nutrition education, for the advancement of women and the anti-racism program, among others,” he emphasized.

There are five scientific entities in Cienfuegos, four of which belong to this plan, of which only the Development and Innovation Unit of the Gustavo Aldereguía Lima University General Hospital is excluded.

One of the questions that focused on the debate was how to add youth forces that would ensure continuity, from the organization’s point of view. In this regard, a unanimous commitment has been reached by the cadres who are there, who will devote themselves to working with the new graduates in 2021.

Among the forecasts for the current year, an increase in fighting within extremism, especially in the face of political sabotage from social networks, was addressed, with a focus on Twitteras well as giving priority to the process of party growth and the unified justice committee, demanding for each exemplary case in each union section.

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