Mazatlan and Ecatepec de Morelos are twins

MAZATLÁN._ Mazatlan and Ecatepec de Morelos joined forces on Friday morning in an event held in the Cabildo hall of this port, which will allow the signing of agreements and projects between citizens, businessmen and the authorities.

The twinning contract was signed between the municipality of Sinaloa and the municipality of the State of Mexico headed by the Mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and the Secretary of the Ecatepec de Morelos City Council, Cesar García Pacheco, on behalf of the mayor of that municipality, Armando Felches Contreras, who was unable to arrive on time for the event due to transportation problems .

The document was also signed by the councilors of both municipalities and Mazatlan City Council Secretary, Edgar Augusto Gonzalez Zatarin.

“This twinning will undoubtedly put us in the foreground by concluding agreements and projects between citizens, businessmen and the authorities, and is mainly related to improving and expanding the markets for our products, encouraging direct investment, receiving more investors and businessmen and benefiting from the knowledge, with the experiences of our wonderful and enormous human capital,” stressed Benitez. Torres in his letter.

“That is why this twinning is a source of pride because it calls for action and platforms for generating wealth that are so important because they are the paramount goal of any democratic government: the well-being of its people.”

In front of the authorities of the most populous municipality in the state of Mexico with great economic potential, Benítez-Torres also emphasized that Mazatlan is not only a destination for sun and beach, but is also experiencing a boom in economic growth, it is the beginning and end of what will be the railway line from Mazatlan to Winnipeg, Canada, which is Entrance and Exit What is the Northern Economic Corridor.

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He also said that Mazatlan is gastronomy and culture, among other things. For his part, the Secretary of the Ecatepec de Morelos City Council, Cesar García Pacheco, on behalf of the mayor of that municipality, expressed that twinning will not only strengthen the community, the economy, and the culture, but also to know each other as Mexicans, to understand each other, and together they can develop into Better government practices for the benefit of society.

“Similarly, I recognize the urgent need to strengthen institutions to provide greater development through joint actions and relationships based on areas such as culture, education, economy, public security, technology and the exchange of knowledge and experience of each government through the adoption of good practices through agreements,” García Pacheco continued.

“In Mexico we must not allow partition speeches, on the contrary, we must promote unity between twinning and this is an example, it is a reason to strengthen the alliance of those of us who want to work together for a better country starting from our municipalities, what unites us is much more than what makes us different.”

He stressed that through this signing, a history of the union is born that must be reinforced by a permanent agenda of activities and exchanges between Mazatlan and Ecatepec that will achieve excellent results for the benefit of the citizens of both municipalities.

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