The budget has fallen by 24% in five months of 2024

According to another Budget analysis prepared by the Ibero-American Center for Research in Science, Technology and Innovation (CIICTI)the pullback current is equal Higher than the real decline in implementation of the National Public Administration Budget (APN).which descends a 22.8% In real terms.

If we continue on this path, the CIICTI report warns, the forecasts indicate so In one year, the decline will be similar to that which occurred during the four years of the administration of former President Mauricio Macri. Between 2015 and 2019.

currently, Scientific and technological budget It is 36 real points per Lower than 2015 valuesat the end of L.'s second presidential term Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

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Javier Miley's government deepens cuts in science and technology.

Courtesy CONICET.

Blow to science: The government cuts the budget and delays the expansion of items

Likewise, the budget implementation review revealed this As of the last day of May, 57.6% of total credit has already been accumulated And the 69.46% Follower Budget allocated for salaries. This happens because of management Javier Miley Extend budget 2023, before High inflation 211% that year.

Meanwhile, eleven out of eighteen organizations implement payroll under… The National Science, Technology and Innovation System has already consumed more than 75% of its balance.

In this regard, CIICTI considered that so far, This value should be in the range of 32.2%, taking into account accumulated inflation Planned throughout the year. In this sense, the most serious cases appear in living organisms, e.g Kunai, Conisit also Kenya, Which is close to 80% of implementation.

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“Given that June alone represents more than 11 percent of this year’s payroll spending, it becomes clear that… Sooner or later, budget extensions will have to be granted To be able to pay the late increases granted within the framework of sector parity.

At the same time, it was noted that Current credit for the majority of institutions in the sector declines by 42 percent in real termsbeing INTI and INTA are the least affected and national universities are the most affectedA higher decrease than the real percentage of 87 percent compared to 2023.

In case Conisit It still indicates a real decline of approximately 26.9%, in line with expectations of a real decline in the organization’s salaries and scholarships.

The real decline in implementation in the first five months is 6.9 percent compared to 2023, which represents a smaller decline compared to what was observed in other organizations.

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President of CONICET, Daniel Salomon.

President of CONICET, Daniel Salomon.

Science and technology salaries decreased by 23% in 2024

The report assessed salary performance since Javier Miley's government took power and found that “In just 6 months of administration, and assuming an inflation rate of 4.7 percent in May, CONICET CIC-CPA salaries fell by a real percentage of 23 percentThe income of researchers and professors at national universities was 31.7 percent, and the salaries of employees of the National Public Employment System were 12.2 percent.”

In this regard, he expressed that “if in Conisit In October-November 2023, the salary level of December 2015 was reached, and in March it already decreased by 22 points.

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While “in National universities “The decline was more rapid, reaching 38 points from the base month.”

The government postpones payments in science and reduces provisions

Regarding floating the state’s debt with the scientific and technological sector, the study emphasized “ An unusually high level of debt in non-salary items or related to scholarship payments”.

In this sense, he explained that at the end of May “there Deferred 31.1% of capital goods payments, 28.1% of transfers (mostly to universities and other public and private sector organizations, as well as subsidy and project payments), and 23.6% of purchases of critical inputs and consumer goods. “

this way, CICTI He pointed out that “with Delay in updating current appropriations and low real wageshe's one of More serious indicators of the disintegration of the capabilities of the national scientific systemTechnology and Innovation (SNCTI) for development within the framework of implementing scientific and technological activities.”

Widespread resignations in key areas of science and technology due to Javier Miley's amendment

All vowels National Agency for the Promotion of Technological Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) submitted their resignation, denouncing the government Javier Miley for him Project to destroy and defund science.

Through a statement, Cristina Teresa Arranz, Maria Cristina Carrillo, Guillermo Ariel Giraudo, Eduardo Daniel Guillermo, Paola Andrea Lingetta, Javier Hector Tinio, Osvaldo Daniel Uchitel, Ruben Oscar Zarate and Maria Alejandra Zini, indicated that “their decision is due to the dismantling of the school”. Computer platform designed to speed up the project evaluation process, separate the managers of the Argentine Technology Fund and the Scientific and Technological Research Fund and reduce the number of employees.

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“The declining Ministry of Science and Technology has for years had two major organizations for the country's scientific development – they emphasize -. In addition to Conicet, the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation has strengthened its objectives since its founding to finance human resources training, inputs and equipment for the country's research, technology and innovation, and has perfected the peer evaluation system, This gave it the international recognition that today it has 3,000 research, development and innovation projects. This process included the work of 9,000 prominent specialists in different fields of knowledge. Now, for four months, with the inauguration of the current head of state, the organization has been paralyzed by institutional inaction, and has not been managed by appointment. President of the organization Dr. Alicia Caballero.

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