The AWS service outage has cut off a large portion of the Internet

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s Internet infrastructure service that is the backbone of many websites and applications, is experiencing a major outage affecting a large portion of the Internet.

“Kinesis has seen an increase in error rates this morning in our US-Eastern 1 region which has affected some other AWS services,” Amazon said in a statement. the edge. “We are working for a solution.” Ironically, at notice on AWS Service Health Dashboard, Amazon said the issue “appears to have affected our ability to post updates” to this dashboard.

The issue appears to be somewhat pervasive, with a number of apps and services posted on Twitter about how the AWS service outage has affected it, including Roku, Flickr, Adobe Spark and Anchor-owned Spotify. It also shows spikes in user reports about issues for several Amazon services.

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AWS is one of the most used cloud computing services in the world, so any issues can have significant multiplier effects for other web services and applications. Interruption In 2017, companies like Trello, Quora, and IFTTT, for example, were affected.

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