The amazing function in WhatsApp that very few know what the voice is saying without playing it

Pay attention to the trick that the messaging app hides to make the most of its operating capabilities.

on whatsapp It is common to find different tricks that allow you to get the most out of the messaging app. Next, we leave the next trick to you to discover new uses. Pay attention and find out.

The amazing WhatsApp function that very few know what the voice is saying without playing it

This trick will only work if automatic audio download is enabled, which is the default setting. The first thing you’ll need is to get an app that converts audio to text with which you can import your own files and that includes Spanish language support. With Voice to Text app, you can solve it.

After installing it, I opened the app to give the necessary permissions and the next step would be to find the audio that was just sent to WhatsApp in the phone files.

You must enter Internal Storage > Android > Media > com.whatsapp > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Voice Notes, In addition to the latest subfolder. Google Files sorts folders in chronological order, so you’ll find the most recent at the bottom.

Locate the voice memo file you want to convert to text. Press the menu button ⋮ and select Share. I chose Audio to text in the menu, and once in the app, select Import Audio (Spanish). The app also supports Chinese, English and Japanese languages.

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The app will take some time to think, depending on the duration of the clip (the app supports audio up to 5 hours) then shows you the plain text copy on a form, with the option to copy or share the text. You can also play the audio.

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