The 29th Soil Science Congress began in Catamarca

Opening of Congress

Under the slogan “Soil… Traces of the Past, Challenges of the Future,” the spirit of the event inspires us to realize the nobility of the resource, its mineral riches, its development from our ancestors, and the memory embodied in its use, as a reflection of the history of our country, and as it chooses us now, as champions with greater knowledge of resources, the decision-making process will be The basic foundation for new generations.
“INTA, as a science and technology organization and through its specialists, coordinates with other institutions in developing areas with axes in research and extension. For this reason, I thank INTA for being part of the organization and the technicians for their commitment to the organization,” Balbi stressed.
In turn, Olga Bernacetti highlighted “the pride with which the conference is being held for the first time in the province, and for which so many people have endured this work.” Furthermore, the slogan chosen for this event pushes us as researchers to reflect on the legacy of the cultures that came before us and learn about this resource to ensure its sustainability over time.
Imhoff also thanked everyone who worked to implement this conference, which aims to generate knowledge that reaches the entire community. As for soil, it was assumed that it is the basis of the productive system, and therefore we must know it, spread it, and be aware of its importance.
He added his thanks for the work done by the organizing committee to reach this stage, which is considered an example of strengthening human ties in various activities and with various institutions.
Finally, the Vice President of the University opened the conference and said: “As a university developing the conference, it is a matter of pride for us to present scientific progress, and it is a duty and a right for the university because we transfer that knowledge to various works.” Because of the multidisciplinarity (…) I congratulate everyone on the quality of the work because the country needs it and I highlight that the researchers and the university are the builders of what Argentina needs.

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AACS (, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1960, whose aim is to stimulate the development of all knowledge related to soil science in the Argentine Republic. Its members are scientists, technicians, producers and students related to or interested in soil science.

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