The 12 Most Anticipated Movies in Ecuador

New adventures by Indiana Jones, Toretto, Barbie and a handful of superheroes appear in theatrical releases for the next five months.

Theaters have their own set lists movie schedule Of great commercial attractiveness. We’re already starting to see it with blockbusters ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and mobile adaptation of Super Mario Bros.

But recent trailers for Barbie and the superhero “blue beetle” Unleash the public’s desire to see these and other films in theaters in Ecuador.

Ecuador qualifies for the final six of the 17th South American Championship

This year, the show in various Hollywood studio theaters began to expand. Movie theaters compete with direct-to-go movies broadcast platforms.

These are the release dates 12 most anticipated movies From the next five months, to write it down in your diary.


Nicolas Cage, one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors, dons a Dracula suit and fangs. But this comic story centers on a helper who doesn’t know how to get rid of his master. toxic relationship.
the first show: April, 21
Why watch it: It was directed by Chris McKay, the same animated marvel that was “Lego Batman”.

“Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3”

The third film for the lovable Star Lord-led team will face a dangerous task, though what everyone really wants is if they can make Gamora fall in love again.
the first show: May 4th.
Why watch it: It is the conclusion of the trilogy directed by James Gunn. Ah!, and the songs are something else Playlist very nostalgic.

“Fast X”

It’s amazing to get the tenth movie about Toretto and his awesome physics-defying vehicles. The rival is Dante, the vengeful son of former Brazilian mobster Hernan Reyes.
the first show: May 19th.
Why watch it: Jason Momoa will join the cast.

‘the little Mermaid’

It’s the new one Live action or direct event From Disney based on their animated classics. The story is the same as it was in the 90s: a young nymph is drawn into the surface world. But the story is adapted for our time.
the first show: May 26, 2023
Why watch it: Everyone wants to compare it with the original and see what has changed. The lyrics to “Kiss her,” for example, would be different.

Transformers: Rise of the Monsters

With this movie begins a new trilogy of Transformers, now including Maximals, Predacons, and Terrorcons. This is a lot like a catalog of games. Well, it really is, although now the director is Stephen Capley Jr. and not Michael Bay.
the first show: June 9th.
Why watch it: It is used to compile the expected list of Christmas orders.

Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse

The first part was a huge success, which brought an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Now, Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy journey across the Spider-Verse to save reality while also meeting the many variants of Spider-Man.
the first show: June 16th
Why watch it: Seeing the Spider-Society in action is a Marvel fan’s dream.

‘the light’

Barry Allen, the fastest man in the world, goes back in time to save his family, but ends up destroying the present. This story loosely adapts Flashpoint, and is one of the best graphic novels of all time.
the first show: June 23rd.
Why watch it: Michael Keaton wears the Batman cape again! So is Ben Affleck!

Indiana Jones and the Call of Destiny

On this occasion, the veteran archaeologist played by Harrison Ford takes part in the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. But an ex-Nazi working for NASA has other plans.
the first show: June 30
Why watch it: It is the fifth and final time that Harrison Ford has taken the Indiana Jones whip.


The new Pixar work imagines a city where fire, water, earth and air coexist harmoniously. But Waterboy and Firegirl defy the rule of thumb: Don’t mix.
the first show: July 14th
Why watch it: The film is directed by Korean Peter Sun, who drew inspiration from his life as an immigrant for the script.

“Mission: Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1”

Tom Cruise continues to pressure Agent Ethan Hunt and his star franchise. This time imagine a very big spy adventure that requires two parts.
the first show: July 14th.
Why watch it: It’s fun to guess which stunts Tom himself did.


Margot Robbie is dressed in Barbie and skateboarding outfits, the famous doll who in this story was kicked out of her town for not being perfect.
the first show: July 21st
Why watch it: We’ll finally know if the photo filters are worth it.

“blue beetle”

The trailer already drew attention for calling Batman a “fascist,” but also for its action and comedic undertones. It tells the origin of Blue Beetle, one of the few Latino heroes in DC comics.
the first show: Aug 18th
Why watch it: he Actor of Ecuadorian descent Xolo MaridueƱa, star of “Cobra Kai”, is the protagonist.

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