British girl could die if she watched Peppa Pig

Sadie Boyer is 6 years old and has a strange syndrome that only 1,000 people in the world suffer from. Photo: courtesy Twitter

Sadie Boyer is the name of a 6-year-old English girl, who suffers from a strange disease, who, when concentrating and seeing Peppa Pig I might die. This is what the world’s media is referring to on Saturday, April 8, 2023.

around Congenital central hypoventilation syndromewhich she was diagnosed with at two months of age and underwent a tracheotomy to help her breathe.

This is an unusual case He suffers About 1,000 people around the world are marked by a Inadequate breathing during sleep And in those most affected, also during periods of wakefulness, according to the experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

British girl can die

What might give several children a moment’s distraction might kill Pu’er.

little girl’s brain You can forget to breathe And send signals to get your heart racing, so activities like watching Peppa Pig can be deadly.

“If you focus too much, you will stop breathing. If you focus too much on Peppa Pig Stop breathing,” explained Starr, Sadie’s mother.

Sadie’s condition means she “can’t leave her unattended” and requires a nurse with her during school hours in case she suddenly “falls asleep”.

In addition, “every night” there is a possibility that your daughter “I could be dead within minutesThe woman said, “If she’s not on a ventilator.

The girl’s parents collect the money

“We have to be careful about long car trips or watching a movie at night. We have hospital-grade equipment in her room,” said the minor’s parents.

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In addition to this, his parents created a page GoFundMe To raise money for the girl to have a diaphragm pacemaker fitted to help her breathe without a ventilator — the surgery cost nearly $200,000.

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