Thanks to this sci-fi film, The Last of Us exists; It cost $150 million and its second part was developed more than 15 years ago.

Despite the huge success it achieved vampire In video games and cinema, that kind of zombies It wasn't the biggest movie in Hollywood in 2007, until this epic sci-fi film starring Will Smith hit theaters. I Am Legend It's one of those movies that changed the world, and today you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

In December 2007, I Am Legend It debuted as one of the most anticipated films in history, as the idea of ​​a world succumbing to a zombie apocalypse has yet to be exploited on the big screen. Plus, the setup was perfect: New York, covered in grass and with wild animals in the streetsWithout its eternal lights shining at night, and without anyone seeing anyone.

What is I Am Legend Will Smith?

Robert Neville (Will Smith) walks every day looking for a sign of life. A shortwave radio message, a visit to BlockBuster and a bunch of dolls to keep you sane are part of your new life. Luckily, Robert accompanied by a beautiful dogwhich serves as a warning alarm, as the living dead begin to take to the streets at sunset.

Before the end of the world, humanity celebrated that scientists had found a cure for cancer, but… The miracle quickly turned into a nightmare. Those who took the treatment began to mutate their bodies: they lost their hair and their minds, their body mass decreased, and their skin turned white. Between zombies and vampires, these creatures began spreading their infections at night, as the sun's rays burned their new skin. Strangely enough, Robert Neville was immune to the infection.

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With a budget of over $150 million and profits of over $580 million, I Am Legend It is one of the most successful and memorable films of Will Smith's career.However, we are still waiting for the sequel. Whatever the case, the film's legacy continues to loom year after year in popular culture, starting with the dreary sepia color on the first posters for its film. the walking DeadTo the way cities are restored by nature The last of us also Horizon.

Where can I watch I Am Legend live?

If you want to start the year with one of the best sci-fi movies, you can watch it I Am Legend On Amazon Prime Video or HBO MaxIn both cases, at no additional cost to your monthly subscription. And yes, the sequel is already in development, with Michael B. Jordan (Doctrine, Black Panther) as the new protagonist, alongside Will Smith… but we don't have a release date.

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