Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown developer has gone on strike against Nacon

kilotonthe developer known as KT Racing, has announced He hits A few hours before the movie premiere Play From the video game he’s developing for Nacon: This study is responsible for it Unlimited solar crown test drivewhich was announced more than three years ago and has had its ups and downs in development, with delays and cancellations of the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

French publisher Nacon recently announced that today, July 12th, it will be showcasing the Play to Unlimited solar crown test drive for the first timeMore information on its release date (which is rumored to be You could go to 2024). Taking advantage of the fact that the spotlight is on the game, Kylotonn announces a strike Through the French Federation of Video Game Workers.

What is the KT Racing strike?

In their statement, this was said by Kylotonn employees who are on strike Nacon has ignored your requests for improvement In working conditions and in the resources managed by the developer. They talk about the fact that payment for the project is made month by month, which is It jeopardizes the company’s stabilityand they ask for changes in the management of communication with the publisher: they ask for more transparency, an increase in wages, a remote work policy and, in general, an end to what they consider ” Reliable management style that endanger the mental health and cohesion of workers.”

for now There are no official statements from Naconwhich And this isn’t the first time he’s starred in a controversy involving his management, and the new event driving test Continue: It can be seen today at 7:00 PM (Spanish Peninsular time).

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