Taylor Swift's Eras Tour will have its own movie on YouTube, Google Play and more platforms

Taylor Swift's tour film will arrive in homes around the world on platforms like AppleTV, Prime Video, Google Play and YouTube. (Yasser)

Having traveled throughout the United States, Mexico and even South America, as well as releasing his own film bringing his live concert experience to the big screen, Taylor Swift His followers will be allowed to enjoy songs from his most popular albums from the comfort of their homes with a new premiere this time in flow.

The movie “Tour of the Ages” Who is the singer 33 years It will be available on various platforms from December 13On the same day as the artist's thirty-fourth birthday. However, this is not the only surprise with which he seeks to celebrate this date with his followers: The… Feature film it will be “An expanded version” From their live concerts with new songs that will be included in the repertoire.

They noted on social media that “the extended version of the film includes”The wildest dreams“,”Archer' And 'Long life“, will be available for on-demand rental in the US, Canada, and other countries to be announced soon.” web page Who is the singer.

Swift's followers will not have difficulties in finding the available audio-visual material as it will be available for rental on various platforms such as Camelvoodoo, Prime Videoxfinity, Google Apps And Youtube With payment that will depend on the platform you choose to play on which has not been revealed at the moment.

Taylor Swift's tour film will arrive in homes around the world via platforms like AppleTV, Prime Video, Google Play and YouTube

Not only did Swift's tour generate trends by spreading her reach to television, computer and mobile screens around the world, but it was also confirmed that “Tour of the ages“He will resume his live performances starting from February 7 With a set of four concerts in Tokyo dome in Japan.

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a tour Taylor Swift“Eras Tour” not only mobilized a huge amount of money and fans around the world, but also generated massive network consumption for D.Atos mobile Just during one night of music. Overall, the show mustered the equivalent of more than 11,560 hours of video At your event with the highest online traffic.

Specifically the singer's concert in AT&T Stadium From Texas (United States), an online content backlog created equivalent to 28.9 TB If we consider that 1 TB represents 200,000 photos and 400 hours of video, it is estimated that this event alone represents 5,780,000 photos and 11,560 hours of video.

This data is provided by the phone company itself AT&Toccurred during approx 3 and a half hours How long does the offer last?

Taylor Swift's fans consumed 11,560 hours of video at her event, which saw the most online traffic. (Credit: Favasoli)

In addition, the company indicated to the American media outlet The Verge that this is the largest amount of data that has been consumed in an event throughout the year. 2023 Because on average it is consumed between 21 TB And 23 TB Data in large events such as matches soccer Of the cowboys playing in AT&T Stadiuma place containing a record of the singer's concert data.

At least during their US tour, the fast hits and their content created in the various stadiums helped them break records in all the stadiums they played in, such as Nissan Stadium (23 TB), Mercedes-Benz Stadium (12 TB), Raymond James Stadium (8.6 TB), Solidere field (7.2 TB), US Bank Stadium (6.6 TB), Elegant Stadium (6.41 TB), MetLife Stadium (6.3 TB), Gillette Stadium (4.8 TB) and Baykor Stadium (4 TB).

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Although the data represents a large collection of information among fans of the 33-year-old singer, this data only corresponds to the network. AT&TSo it is possible that other providers have higher statistics, although this is not proven at the moment.

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