The most emotional moment at the funeral was played by Queen Piper.

Queen Elizabeth II He awoke almost every morning to the sound of bagpipes outside his window, in all his country dwellings. The Piper for the King who played for 15 minutes every day for the british king, I sing to him Final tune on Monday 19th September At St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Paul BurnsAnd the Piper who played every day at 09:00, put End of state funeral service In Westminster dad singing “Sleep, dear, sleep”before they raise the coffin of the queen and exit from the monastery gate.

British fiber origin

Role Pipers with crown It dates back to 1843When Queen Victoria He fell in love with the sound of this instrument after his first visit to Scottish Highlands with the Prince Albert. Queen Elizabeth II He inherited his taste for this tradition and kept it for decades.

burnsWorld Health Organization Shine in the most emotional moment at the King’s funeralIt was the biggest flute 17 To perform one of the most prestigious jobs in the British Armed Forces.

Scott MethvenHe, a Piper between 2015 and 2019, complained about the loss of the Queen, as he has stated that he considers her part of his family. As described as ‘Best boss he’s ever had’ She said she was ‘very calm and funny’ In an interview with the BBC.

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