Take a breath as you learn the butcher's secret so that the matamari comes out like butter on the roast

If you intend not to end up chewing this delicious meal like gum, it is good to know some tips offered by a butcher from Mendoza, who reveals to you some tricks that many do not know.

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Grilled: A butcher's secret so that the marinade comes out buttery

One of those who knows a lot about cutting Meat for him Manalis Martin Marie, the famous butcher of Granja Benedetti de Mendoza, who prepares the best delicacies every day.

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“he matambre The ideal situation for someone who would buy it and not understand much would be the following: It has two sides, one of which looks red and the other has fat. He explained that the ideal idea is for the red part to appear as white as possible, that is, with fat, so that it comes out soft.

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“It is done in Grill The expert added: “It covers all the edges, and it is thin, and obviously always folded, so that it does not burst.” Meat to Manal.

“They taught me that the amount of salt we put in… matambre for him ManalThree parts of baking soda are added to soften it. Plus, it gives it incredible flavour. “It never fails and there is no need to boil it, as long as it is of good quality,” he added.

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