“Euro Camp” returns but with less beauty – “Kudasai”.

When we talk about slice of life franchises that have become more prominent in recent years“Absolutely.”Eurocamp (Back camp)” is the name that comes immediately. Based on a manga written and illustrated by AfroIt tells the story of Rin Shima, Nadeshiko Kagamihara, and their friends as they travel through different camping sites around the country.

The anime adaptation began in Winter 2018 (January-March) Along with studies Station Cfollowed by a second season in Winter-2021 An animated film in July 2022 and a short anime titled “Room camp” in Winter-2020. Now the series has returned with a third season, but with a new production team within the studios 8 bit.

One of the most significant changes includes the departure Mutsumi Sasaki To design the character, a position he held throughout the franchise, therefore Naofumi Hashimoto He will take his place in this new season. The change in character designer was recently hinted at through a Twitter post showing the new design for Oi Inuyama.

As we can see in the comparison, we can see on the left the old design and on the right we see the new design Eurocamp. It is impossible not to notice that the size of the breasts has decreased, however Zitai Ryuki Wave Absolute areaThat is, the bare area between her stockings and skirt, which is no longer visible in her new design.

And of course there was no shortage of comments:

  • «I do not understand why?».
  • «Is this a result of the passage of time?».
  • «Feminists will have reason to celebrate this».
  • «I think it's simply because of the position he holds. Although it's a shame that the space is at a premium, it looks very good with its design».
  • «I think the fan art has tainted their minds, as Aoi-chan was never as sexy as I remember her.».
  • «Perhaps it is the production committee's desire to make the franchise accessible to all ages.».
  • «I don't have a problem with breasts, but it's unfortunate that my thighs have gotten thinner».
  • «What's even more unfortunate is that they changed the production team, although the debacle of using Google Earth images is understandable.».
  • «Why did you change the character designer? I don't understand why they didn't hire him to hold the line».
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