Strategic relations and Chinese progress in the region

Commander of US Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, arrived in Buenos Aires on Tuesday evening to begin a three-day official visit.. During this period, you will focus on fStrengthening bilateral relations and the strategic partnership between the two countries, while highlighting the risks inherent in China’s progress in stabilizing the region.

Richardson said in official statements after his arrival at Metropolitan Airport: “The relations between our armed forces are well-established, which reflects the deep relationship between our two countries.” He also stressed: “We are committed to working closely with Argentina to ensure that our joint security efforts lead to lasting and positive benefits for our citizens, our nations and our hemisphere. I am pleased to return to Argentina and deepen my knowledge of this beautiful region.” nation”.

Beyond Protocol Aspects,LGeneral Richardson's presence will highlight Washington's concern about China's advances in the region. Especially in two areas that have received attention in recent hours: Neuquén and the Chinese-run military scientific base, as well as Ushuaia, where Governor Melilla has expressed interest in allowing the Asian giant to invest in developing a deep-water port.which would be the southernmost point in the world.

Richardson's agenda in Buenos Aires

Richardson, accompanied by Special Advisor Sarah Ann Lynch and a group of defense officials and experts, plans to implement an intense schedule of activities, starting tomorrow. Meeting with US Ambassador to Argentina, Mark Stanley, at Casa Rosada. This meeting will be attended by Chief of Staff Nicolas Bossi, Defense Minister Louis Petrie, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces Brigadier General Xavier Isaac.And other officials.

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It is not unlikely that President Javier Miley will have the opportunity to speak with the actor during these meetings Most prominent for the South American Armed Forces of the United States. According to what emerged, the strengthening of long-term military cooperation between the two countries will be addressed, with the aim of enhancing regional security and promoting common interests.

The question of the Chinese military base in Neuquén

US Ambassador Mark Stanley recently said: “It is disturbing that Argentina is allowing an operation by Chinese armed forces in Neuquén.” In an interview with Nation. quickly, The Chinese diplomatic representative responded by classifying such comments as “inappropriate.”And defend the project by ensuring that the base has no military objectives, but rather focuses on space-based technological cooperation.

Washington's suspicions focus in particular on the fact that the station is managed by China's General Satellite Launch and Tracking Control (CLTC) agency, which ultimately depends directly on the Chinese People's Army. Both the United States and its European partners question whether the base is intended for scientific purposes only or whether it has military implications as well.

During his recent appearance before the US Congress, Richardson herself expressed the White House's concern about China's strategic infrastructure in Argentina“It is a matter of great concern to me as a military member, given the station’s capabilities and its potential impact on our allies and partners,” he said.

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