Stay calm by knowing how dogs see people

point of view this PetsUnlike humans, he has his pros and cons.

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Dog: How they see humans

  • he dog He sees in a completely different way than his friends. Your offer has these key characteristics:
  • he dog He sees fewer colors than humans.
  • Their night vision is more developed and they see better than human vision.
  • They notice objects at shorter distances.
  • They detect movements more easily than their owners.


This is how dogs see colors

  • the dog Yes, they are able to see things in color. Their eyes are more sensitive to certain colors and detect them very easily, such as blue, gray, and yellow.
  • There are some colors that are difficult for them to understand, such as green, red, pink, and purple.
  • It is recommended that, if you purchase a toy, it is a color that you can recognize better.

The dog and his gaze in the dark

the dog They have very good eyesight in the dark and have better night vision than humans, thanks to the membrane covering their eyes, which traps light in the dark, allowing an adequate visual field when there is no light.

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Is your dog's vision blurry?

not everything dog They see the same way and some see more blurry than others. The farmer, for example, sees better than others Pets.

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the a pet It can distinguish between objects about 6 meters away. On the other hand, a man does this up to a distance of approximately 23 metres.


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