She won a fortune in the lottery, went to collect it but discovered something that ruined her

Imagine winning the lottery Then not being able to claim it. Such was the case for 19-year-old Rachel Kennedy from Hertfordshire, in England.

Kennedy was reviewing the winners of EuroMillions lottery, which at the time amounted to 182 million pounds – more than 223 million dollars –, when he realizes his numbers have been picked. However, after telling her mother and boyfriend of her new fortune, the company tells her something unexpected.

According to the English media, womanIn fact, EuroMillions spoke to the young woman to clarify it He didn’t pay her the cash because at the time of buying the lottery ticket, her bank account was only 2.50 pounds – What is the ticket cost – but the bank refused Buy it automatically due to lack of funds.

The young woman, who had apparently been participating for five consecutive weeks, called the numbers 06, 12, 22, 29, 33, 06, 11, to contact the company and claim her money. In an interview with local media the sunKennedy explained what happened. “I called the number thinking I had won £182m and they said: Yes, you got the numbers right, but you didn’t have enough money to play in your account so you never bought it.‘” confirmed.

“I was on top of the world when I thought I won,” the young woman told the media. the sun Still sad. After that, he decided to post his story on his Twitter account where he shared what happened.

In the midst of her fight against the company to raise the earned money, Rachel Kennedy publicized her complaint through her followers and local media, but to no avail. Despite endeavors to obtain the number that would have changed his life, EuroMillions has confirmed that due to what happened with his bank account at the time of the ticket purchase, they will not give him the prize money.

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After the company certainly did not give him the money, The young woman commented on her status on social media and received several supportive comments. The vast majority of users were outspoken in their opinions and harshly criticized the company, which rejected Kennedy’s earnings. However, except for the spread of the story on a digital level and the spread of the story in the symbolic media in England, nothing has changed.

The company submitted a statement in which they wrote: “We know Rachel’s story and want you to come here early to shop. A ticket to the next big raffle“.

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