She went to shepherd the royal guard horse and was horrified by the soldier’s reaction.

This week, a video went viral on TikTok showing what would happen if someone dared to touch a horse. Queen’s Guard England in Horse Guards, located in the heart of London. Although tourists can arrive to take pictures with army soldierswho wear their signature clothes and stand guard for hours on end, the truth is that From where they suggest they don’t go near the animals because of the reactions they can have.

TikTok user Ethan wrote, who shared the excerpt in which The stepmother approaches the horse of one of the Queen’s guards and tries to pet him to take a picture.

The Queen’s Guard reaction when a tourist tried to touch the reins of his horse

But the guard, who seemed calm as he watched the woman, broke his silence and shouted at her:Stay away from the Queen’s life purse, and don’t touch the bridle!Facing the challenge runner, the injured woman immediately turned away frightened.

He was a very angry little man‘, in the comments TikTok userwho shared two other videos of how the Queen’s guards handled different situations.

The post exceeded 26,000 comments on the social network, and one of the most liked comments was the one who defended the man: “They have a job, just don’t go near themAmong other things that generated more repercussions: “It’s not Disney, it’s working horses And serve the army“.

The soldier’s reaction left the woman speechless (Photo: video shooting)

The guard’s response has an explanation: The military warns tourists not to get too close to horses because their reactions can be unpredictableHowever, their spokespersons stated that they take this type of video into consideration, as the idea is for tourists to have a fun moment at Horseguards in London.

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“This area is especially crowded with tourists and sometimes Soldiers on guard duty must shout loudly to alert members of the public if they get too close to the horses“What happened in this case,” the army spokesman said in a statement to local media.

“We have signs hanging next to the horse stalls thatHorses bite and we always encourage the public to stay away from horsesThe statement concluded after the incident in June, but this month it went viral.

Several users defended the man (Photo: video capture)
Several users defended the man (Photo: video capture)

It should be noted that the “Horse Guard” is one of the local cavalry regiments in the British Army along with the “Life Guards”, and that it was formed in 1969, as for the position that the soldiers who perform guard duty must maintain, They obviously can’t smile to the audience and can’t touch them eitherbut if they feel they are getting too close, they can yell at them to issue warnings, just like in a viral TikTok video.

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