GTA 6 development was slow, but Rockstar had good reason to slow things down

According to many employees, the company has undergone changes to improve their working conditions.

People want to play GTA VIBut he also knows that rock star It will take a little longer In the launch of his long-awaited game. For now, we know that the study He directs all his efforts For the development of the new batch of GTA, there are sources close to the project have already talked about the experience which will be co-starring a latin woman.

The delay is also due to changes in the company to improve working conditionsBloombergThis latest data has come from Bloombergwho spoke with 20 Rockstar employees to find out studio evolution Hence, the features that will be implemented in the game with this change of perspective. Because while this has left us with many insights into how minority groups should be treated, it also allows us to see why development is slow.

Photo courtesy of Grand Theft Auto VI

‚ÄúThere is so much to do with pandemic‘, begins a Bloomberg article, ‘But the delay is also due to some changes the company has made in an effort to improve working conditionsLike a restructuring of the design department and a commitment to keep overtime under control. Some workers say they are still trying to figure out how to make games in this new version of Rockstar and are even wondering What does Grand Theft Auto look like in today’s environment“.

So, we still think that GTA VI will take a while to arrive, but this time it allows Rockstar employees can work in better conditions. In 3DJuegos, we don’t mind waiting a little longer to play the new version of GTA, as we can keep thinking about All the challenges you have to face in GTA VI If you want to conquer the legend created by Rockstar itself.

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