She went to make a delicate phrase the tattoo artist wanted innovation and left frustrated: “I’ll cover it.”

More and more people want to immortalize a moment with a tattoo and go to a specialist, although it doesn’t always go as expected. A woman posted a video to TikTok to show her misspelling. phrase.

Tired of losing his glasses, he got a tattoo to remember and it went viral: “Tell me it’s not real.”

A network user showed a strange tattoo to a customer that went viral on the networks. The clip garnered millions of views within hours.

This is Destiny Meadows, a user from Arizona, US, who visited a tattoo artist with the goal of getting her significant other tattooed on her neck. But the guy was wrong and spoiled the tattoo.

According to his profile, the woman asked him for a cowboy-inspired design that read “Hello” in block letters. What happened was that instead of saying “Howdy” (in English) he wrote “Hodwy”, he reversed the place letters.

Although he had a bad time at the time, he later admitted that he handled it with humour. And he wrote at the bottom of the video, which spread on the Chinese platform: “We laughed a lot.” Thousands of people from all over the world wanted to know why he decided to get that tattoo phrase.

Video reflections on the misspelled sentence

“Not a great idea to start with anyway”, “Who gets a fun tattoo”, “This always baffles me. Every time I draw a piece on my body I look at the stencil to make sure”, “Use a mirror if necessary.” They cover it for free,” some people wrote.

Another user thought Destinie was responsible for the error and asked, “Why didn’t you look at the form earlier?” Another young man joked: “I think it’s better that way, at least it’s original.”

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After it went viral on social media and she was criticized for her tattoos, the woman responded to the comments and provided an update on the tattoo phrase: ”It’s not that bad. I hide it for free.”

She got a fruit tattoo, discovered the hidden meaning, and shattered: “I made a mistake.”

A TikTok user revealed that she got an inverted pineapple tattoo and couldn’t hide her surprise when she discovered its hidden meaning.

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