How to send voice memos with effects of a robot, chipmunk, Darth Vader and more on Android

Find out how you can send voice messages on WhatsApp with funny effects. (Photo:

users The WhatsApp They have access to many functions in the messaging app, such as voice memos. However, the vast majority of them do not know that it is possible to add effects to make the application more entertaining. This time, we tell you that there is a simple trick to surprise your friends, family or colleagues who will confuse you with Alvin chipmunk, Darth Vader, robot, among others. To activate it, you only need a file smart phone Android.

Since this feature is not available on WhatsApp natively, You will need to download an external application called “Voice changer with effects, which you can find for free at Google Play StoreApp Store and Google for Android devices.

Once you install this app, you will find that it will ask you to access the microphone of your smartphone. You need to give it this permission in order for it to work properly and you can edit the audio and add bot and chipmunk effects, among other things available.

WhatsApp with different effects for your voice notes.  (photo: half the time)
WhatsApp with different effects for your voice notes. (photo: half the time)

How to put effects in WhatsApp audio

1. As mentioned above, the first thing to do is to install the app called “Voice changer with effects”, that you can use to produce distorted sound. However, we tell you that there are other alternatives with different processes in iOS How do Voice Changer Plus.

2. Each application has its own procedures. which we will use, Just press the touch button To start recording which will be in the middle of the screen.

Application "Voice changer with effects" for android.  (Photo: pure APK)
Voice changer with effects app for Android. (Photo: pure APK)

3. The first time you use the app, You must give it permission to record your voice on your phone. Here, select the option to grant permission when using the app. So you just have to give it permission the first time.

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4. When you click the record button, the screen remains the same, But you will see a message telling you that the recording is in progress and a timer telling you how long the recording is. When you have finished recording your message, click the microphone button again to end recording.

5. Upon expiry of registration, You will be taken to a screen where you can click the play button to see how your voice sounds using different filters. Above it there is a microphone button to record another message. When there is an effect you want to use, Tap the three dots (⋮) button to the right of the effect’s name.

Voice effects for voice notes on WhatsApp.  (Photo: pure APK)
Voice effects for voice notes on WhatsApp. (Photo: pure APK)

6. A window with options related to sound effects will appear that will allow you to download. Here, Click on Share option You have it at the top if you just want to send it to someone.

7. The sharing menu will open on your mobile phone. In it you have to choose which app you want to use to share files, In our case WhatsApp. However, as we said at the beginning, you can share the audio with another app.

8. After choosing the application you want which is WhatsApp, Select the conversation you want to share the audio with and it will be shared automatically. With this you can send voices with funny voice filters.

Audio filters for whatsapp.  (Image: YouTube / IMGENDE TIC)
Audio filters for whatsapp. (Image: YouTube / IMGENDE TIC)

WhatsApp news for 2022

From time to time, developers WhatsApp releases updates that bring new functions, which are usually well received by millions of users. For example, the world’s most popular instant messaging app has been added Whatsapp Web is the option to create stickers.

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The instant messaging app I’d like to add will have the following news in 2022:

1. Sign out

Multi-device mode will have an optimization that allows usersDisconnect from one device while staying connected through another. The feature has been tested by some of the app’s beta testers.

WhatsApp may allow you to sign out.  (Photo: El Universal)
WhatsApp may allow you to sign out. (Photo: El Universal)

2. Reels and WhatsApp

as detailed WABetaInfo, a technology-focused portal, WhatsApp users will have the option to clone reels Instagram, as part of an identification scheme (formerly known as Facebook social networking site) to keep everything connected to your apps.

Reels on WhatsApp.  (Photo: Spanish)
Reels on WhatsApp. (Photo: Spanish)

3. Delete a message without time limit

If you send a chat by mistake and want to delete it for everyone, which means the recipient can’t see it, You only have 68 minutes. After that time the function will stop working. However, the developers expect that this functionality has no limits.

The message has been properly deleted using the Android cell phone trick.  (Photo: the official press)
The message has been properly deleted using the Android cell phone trick. (Photo: the official press)

There are still 4 new features that the instant messaging app will bring in 2022. If you want to know what they are,Enter this link To read the full note.

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