Shakira made the audience go crazy on The Jimmy Fallon Show, one of the most watched shows in the United States.

Shakira wowed the audience at Jimmy Fallon’s show with her live performance of “BZRP Music Session #53” on this talk show, one of the most watched shows in the US. (screenshot)

Shakira never stops ‘flipping’ with her world hit BZRP Music Session #53 sung all over the world, even if they don’t know Spanish, As it happened with the audience on the iconic interview show of Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show, one of the most watched shows in the United States that airs on NBC Friday night, March 10th.

He accepted his presentation, causing the ecstasy of those presentthe woman from Barranquilla was with Bizarrap in conversation with the North American presenter who highlighted the global achievement of the topic in collaboration with the Argentine

“Congratulations ‘Music Session #53’ is the number one song in the world. It’s true, you have four Guinness World Records, but Shakira now has 10 of those records,” Along with photos of the award-winning artists, Fallon told the singer, to laughter and applause from the audience.

The American interlocutor told them so “break it” Since they managed to shoot a video The song had the most views on Youtube in 24 hours and the fastest to reach 1 million views on that platform, as well as being the most streamed on Spotify in one day and in one week.

for his part Shakira recalled the story that it was her son, Milan, who told her to sing a song with Bizarab, He was particularly enthusiastic about attending the American programme.

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My 10-year-old Milan is so excited to be here. When I told him we were going to New York he started exclaiming, “Let’s go to Fallon!” Fallon Fallon! “ story.

What The interviewer said that he was one of the most gracious children he had ever met and that he loved these details on your part.

“He has a good ear and good taste, and he is also a fan of Bizarre and he told me five months ago -Or do you have to collaborate with Bizarrap because if you do that song it will be number one-. And send a voice message to Jaime’s managers. -You should get my mom to sing with him because she’s going to be a hit.he recalls.

Together with Bizarab, The woman from Barranquilla explained that the Argentinean went to Barcelona and previously worked on a sound that she wanted to take inspiration from the English band Depeche Mode, It was cool, but rather dark. I love that group Shakira admitted, adding that the musical notes caused her patented hip movement, which was a harbinger of success.

Are you telling me again that hips don’t lie? asked the American presenter, also referring to another success of the Colombian hips in the world do not lie.

Fallon then played a video of Shakira’s fans passionately singing “BZRP Music Session #53” which moved her and He noted that although he wrote that song as a means of catharsis, a fraternity was created around it, especially with women after they had gone through a similar breakup.

This third performance of Shakira on the North American program was once again sensational An audience, despite speaking no Spanish, cheered his new world success at the top of their lungs.

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Colombian as usual He was astonishing not only by his performance, along with those present, but also by his fine black leather suit, which he paired with the Rolex on his left hand, and which he emphasized in that section of the song that signifies the change from that fancy watch to a modest Casio watch. Of course, it’s all under their amazing dances that are inspired by the Arab and Caribbean cultures. From which Shakira hails.

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