Seven multi-joint exercises to practice with a bell or a bell

Often times we consider that multi-joint exercises can only be performed with bars, but this is not the case. With kettlebell we have multiple options for working out multiple muscles at the same time.

Before seeing Multi-joint exercises With kettlebell, we’ll see what these exercises consist of. Multi-joint exercises, also called compound exercises, are The ones that make us work multiple joints with one movement. For example, the bench press is considered a multi-joint exercise because it works the chest as well as the deltoid and triceps. On the other hand, a bicep exercise is considered a solo or lonely exercise.

These multi-joint exercises have great advantages. They speed up our bodies greatly by working more muscle groups at the same time, and they help us reduce the duration of training. Often, Functional exercises that help you gain muscle mass and strength.

Now that we know what these exercises look like, we’ll see how, using a bell, we can train multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Kettlebell deadlift

like him Conventional deadlift In this we also make multiple joints. The gluteus maximus, erect spine, adductor muscle, quadriceps muscle, hamstrings, shoulders, shoulder, and abdomen are some of the muscles that participate in this exercise.

A very common mistake when doing this exercise is not using the proper weight. Note that In heavy weight we are able to transport several kilograms And if you want to exercise your muscles at sufficient intensity, it is important that you take an appropriate weight.

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Squatting cup

This exercise It allows us to exercise our butt muscles, legs, core, shoulders, and even biceps in one movement very similar to the classic squat. As in the previous exercise it is It is important to use a high weight It allows us to work hard to get the most out of the movement.

To perform the exercise, it is important to keep the bell at chest height by holding it with the handle with both hands. The footballs should be facing slightly outward, and as with normal squats, it is important to get down enough to go past 90 degrees.

Kettlebell pressure cleaners

This exercise can be done with one or two bells at a time and consist of a combination of one Clean or packed with tape More Military Press o Press the press.

Through this exercise we work the quadriceps, hamstrings, traps, and deltoid muscles. In addition, the calf, lumbar, abdominal and gluteal muscles are also involved, so we are talking about A very complete exercise.

Kettlebell Grab

It is similar to the previous one, however In this case we are doing the complete iteration in one movement, Without stopping the bell on the shoulders. As in the previous exercise, here we also exercise the quadriceps, hamstrings and shoulders, in addition to the calf, lower back, abdomen and even the buttocks.

Kettlebell hammock

it’s a A popular exercise It’s also a multi-joint, or compound due, exercise Practically the whole body works. This exercise involves the glutes, legs, shoulders, abdomen, lower back and arms.

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It is important Keep your back straight while swinging And helped us use the legs to take advantage of the recoil to raise the bell. We must avoid strange movements or pulling the back that could eventually injure us.

Turkish lift with kettlebell

This exercise is also called Turkish rose upConsists in UnderstoodStarting from the position in which we lie on our backs, While we still hold the bell in one of our hands.

It’s a somewhat weird exercise, but we work with it on the abdomen, lumbar, shoulders, and quadriceps, which makes it a very complete workout and Challenging coordination, strength and balance.

Kettlebell curl in a squad

I love this exercise because we get it Converting a separate exercise such as a bicep into a compound exercise By adding isometric squat. We simply keep squatting with our legs at 90 degrees and do biceps exercises using one or two squat bells. Ultimately this way we will be able to exercise the legs, stomach and arms.

This article was originally published by Victor Falcon in August 2018 and has been revised for republication.

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