SEMG and Medicine Television have an audiovisual strategy…

Spanish Society of General Physicians and Family Physicians (SEMG) and entity Medicine TV On Wednesday, May 24, they announced the signing of a cooperation agreement according to which an “audiovisual health education strategy will be implemented and disseminated from primary care”.

As this national scientific association shows, since its founding in 1988, it has “focused on advancing the scientific, research, and professional development of primary care physicians, who work to ensure the health and quality of life of their patients.” He signed the aforementioned agreement “with the aim of transferring the knowledge that emanates from the scientific and training activity of the group to the public.”

Consequently, both entities have decided to “add resources to enable the creation of a media content channel that will be hosted on the platform“.” Primary care is the first link in the healthcare delivery chain, and general practitioners and family physicians have an indisputable role in preventing and maintaining our health,” says the CEO of Medicine TVJose Manuel Fernandez.

The goal “is to create and develop an audiovisual dissemination strategy supported by the knowledge of professionals associated with SEMG,” continues this medical community, which adds that “with this, it is expected to impart to the population science, education, general practitioners and family physicians, and amplify their messages of disease prevention and preservation On health after consultation.


And the president of this scientific association, Dr. Antonio Fernandez Pro, believes that “health education is very important.” having a channel Medicine TV Thanks to the prevention recommendations that we make in consultation can multiply their effect through high-quality audio-visual training pills, it will be a very important point to reach the largest number of citizens “, he explains.

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On social networks, “Unfortunately, most of the information is not usually verified from a scientific-medical point of view”, continues Antonio Fernandez Bru, who adds that, for this reason, it is SEMGAn attempt will be made to “cover as many health issues as possible in these contents, videos which will mainly include advice always approved by health experts and based on scientific evidence.”

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