Scientists have reported that a prehistoric human species may have existed in the jungles of Indonesia

Kind of Prehistoric human ancestors can roam the forests IndonesiaAccording to European scientists. Will be human fluoresce It appeared on Earth at least 60,000 years ago He may not die.

In 2003 the first remains of this species were found. While investigating caves and caves d Island flowersfrom the isolated arch of Sunda in IndonesiaScientists report the new discovery.

Archaeologists were able to determine, by studying the bones, that this type of human ancestor was much smaller than other species that lived with them thousands of years ago. In addition, they reported that their feet were very large.

Its appearance dates back to a maximum of 700,000 years. These species were distinguished by the presence of small skulls and low backbones. The theory of its ultimate stability on Earth is given due to No evidence of its extinction has been found.

Flores Island, IndonesiaGoogle Maps

Gregory Forth, a retired anthropologist from the University of Alberta in Canada, explained this hypothesis in his latest publication, according to National Geographic said. This scientist received criticism for his studies because of Other colleagues who also studied the remains Homo floresiensis disbelief in his theories.

“We don’t know when this species became extinct, or indeed, dare I say, we don’t even know whether it became extinct or not. So there is a chance that it is still alive.”‘ said Forth, speaking to Life Science.

On the other hand, other scientists assert that this island is a somewhat inhabited area of ​​Indonesia, so it would be almost impossible not to document the existence of this species yet.

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“Realistically, the idea that there is a great chief not seen on this island and that he lives in a society that can support himself Very close to zero,” explained John Hawkes, a paleoanthropologist at the University of Wisconsin.

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