Science and Technology Week concludes with successful participation

Today ends the Science and Technology Week that met this weekend in the Malecon Park in Murcia More than 500 scientists from 65 entities with the aim of bringing science closer to audiences of all ages, and stimulating taste To gain scientific knowledge and encourage the participation of citizens in scientific matters Through the implementation of awareness activities.

Major regional research centers such as universities and hospitals did not miss the event that brought together several thousand people during the three days it was opened. Many of them are schoolchildren, and in fact many institutes of the region were represented. This is the situation IES Juan de la Cierva de Totana The science students were responsible for presenting some experiments to the public Who managed to surprise the audience. For example, show how some brands of cooked pork contain substances such as potato starch, which is cheaper than meat, to reduce costs.

The other high school that attended the event is The IES Sanje, from Alcantarilla. In their case, they showcased some of the science projects they have been working on over the past year.

The aim of these scientific projects is Offers students a proactive way to learn complex topics such as astronomy or physics.

According to the teachers, they have noticed this for some time Increased interest of young people in science, especially in relation to health. For this We regret the difficulties in accessing a scientific career.

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