The smell of “Yankee” is already noticeable in the prime minister

The Premier League proposal remains an attempt – for better or worse – to reform the presentation of football as an entertainment product. And in the UK, there is also a fierce debate about the future of its competitions in order to continue to make them attractive, attract new audiences and, in short, continue to be billing.

Indeed, A22 has sent a letter to the rest of Europe warning them that the Premier League is indeed the closest thing to a superpower that it is impossible to compete with. And American investors who have allocated more than 6000 million euros for the purchase of this equipment as well.

Chelsea’s new owner, Todd Boehle, has been labeled crazy for wanting all-stars in the British Isles, but now it’s just not him. The Prime Minister discusses his medium and long-term roadmap, with many interesting ideas: a joint tour of several US clubs over the summer, and, most revolutionary, turning the Community Shield into a mobile duel around the world. So turn it into a match that brings together players from each club. Times of change come, and fans have to put up with that.

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