Science and innovation will invest $25 million in health research and development projects

Daily Pharma | 07.04.2022 – 20:25

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morante, announced Thursday a total investment of 25 million euros in research and development projects in the field of health between public research institutions, hospitals and companies.

Morant made the remarks while visiting the Biomedical Institute of Seville, a body that relies on Supreme Council for Scientific Investigations (CSIC), the Council of Andalusia and the University of Seville, where nearly 1,000 researchers, technical and administrative staff work.

This is the first joint call between Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) and Center for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI)and agencies of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. This initiative, which combines the capabilities of both entities, “represents a new milestone in the coordination and integration of support for Spanish research, development and innovation in the field of health from the scientific to the commercial side”, according to the ministry.

The projects to be funded seek to create and standardize innovative procedures to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment and patient care in a personalized way. Specifically, these projects will aim to develop early diagnostic tools in precision medicine to improve detection of diseases with high mortality and prevalence.

They will also be dedicated to accelerating innovative and personalized treatment capabilities in essential medicines, advanced therapies, and precision surgical instruments to improve diagnosis and comprehensive rehabilitation. These projects also aim to improve research, monitoring, and rehabilitation for chronic diseases.

The call, scheduled for the end of the second quarter of the year, comes under the umbrella of PERTE for Vanguard Health, a public-private collaboration tool promoted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation focused on transforming the health sector through research, development and innovation. . PERTE plans to mobilize approximately 1,500 million euros between 2021 and 2023 to develop advanced treatment and precision medicine projects.

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