Samsung will be bringing the ‘Image Clipper’ feature to these phones very soon

Samsung’s much-known ‘Image Clipper’ option copied Apple’s clever clipper, which, you know, lets you cut and paste elements from your photos quite easily.

S23 Ultra will be exported to the best Samsung Galaxy phone with the popular “Image Clipper” function.

After showing the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 + and Galaxy S23 Ultra, when we were already analyzing all the details of Samsung’s most advanced photography, when We deeply explored the new option Clipper image To which Samsung directly responded to Apple’s iPhones and their capabilities Smart cropping of objects Pictures.

Basically, it comes Same functionality as the Cupertino giant but brought to One UI 5.1 Already an Android experience, so that’s the latest Main Samsung makes it possible Copy any object or person from the photo Or from the photos in our gallery, crop them and be able to take them in a simple way into our most creative and creative combinations.

Obviously it is All the advantages of artificial intelligencewhich will parse the image to precisely crop the edges of the selected object, in something similar to what our colleague Christian left us See in the following gallery and in his article on Clipper image a few weeks ago:

The good news is that This AI-based functionality will not be limited to the Galaxy S23but is also about to debut in Galaxy S from previous years Thanks to a software update that will be distributed soon.

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According to the sources who leaked the news on social media, The first lucky phone will be the Galaxy Six with subsidence Clipper imagewhich will be available in the coming weeks for Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 UltraAs well as the whole family Samsung Galaxy S21 phone.

Very soon, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 will be able to clip objects or people from our favorite photos thanks to artificial intelligence, just as the Galaxy S23 does with the “Image Clipper” function.

it seems, When Samsung releases the following update packages With the April security patches, all Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 phones will receive it New software features for older cameras in the current range Mainobviously starting from the object cropping tool expected in the original photo editor.

The most curious thing is that no one said anything about the ultimate most expensive phones in the entire Samsung galaxy, and this is Galaxy Z foldable devices seem to have been left out of this initial post beforehand of cucumber Clipper image for One UI 5.1.

The lucky owner of the “fold” or “face” must have a little more patience!


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