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Canada It is considered one of the countries where I was born New and better programs for recruiting immigrants Highly qualified people seeking to study abroad or work temporarily to contribute to the country’s economy.

So, every time There are more vacancies for people doing some trade And do not have a university degree, to provide better opportunities to improve the quality of life.

While students can do part-time jobs to avoid some of their expenses during their stay in the country.

Next, we show you the minimum wage for each province in Canada, according to data provided by Bruno Peron, President Teaching class. The data shown is the minimum hourly wage in Canadian dollars.

The minimum hourly wage in each province of Canada

  • Saskatchewan: $11.81
  • Manitoba: $11.95
  • New Brunswick: $12.75
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: $13.20.
  • Nova Scotia: $13.35
  • Prince Edward Island: $13.70
  • Quebec: $14.25
  • Alberta: $15
  • Northern Territories: $15.20
  • Ontario: $15.55
  • British Columbia: $15.65
  • Yukon: $15.70
  • Nunavut: $16

How do you apply for a program to work in Canada?

It is important to note this Each province has different requirements To apply for a work program that will later allow the permanent resident process to live in Canada legally.

Provincial Nominee Program PNP is one of Canada’s Programs for Foreign Workers who have the skills or practical experience to contribute to the economy of their provinces, with the exception of Quebec.

he Department of Immigration, Refugees and CitizenshipExplain what Applicants must submit an application Through the paper process or online through Express EntryAnd Pass a medical examination and obtain a clean criminal record certificate.

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You can review the requirements required by each county to fill a job at this connection.


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